Before I start

The world in which this first serial is based needs to be formed – it is primerally to be a fantasy world though the distiction between genre will no doubt blur (especially as I always end up writing scifi even if it looks and feels like fantasy!).

So I shall start by looking through the cards and seeing who my main characters are going to be. For this serial I am simply looking at the images on the Tarot cards and not looking at their meanings.

First off there is Alus, a young boy/teen who is busy learning things in a monestry. Of noble birth he is finely dressed and has a tendency towards shy reserve. He is booky but is not above stealing to get what he wants where knowledge is concerned. He has an affinity with animals who will perform the Orcal for him. He in unaware that they do this specifically for him. (He comes from the image on the Eight of Pentacles on the Guilded Tarot.)

Then there is Alaric – warrior King but gentle and just. He has a sad and poinant back story being born not a King but a farmer who married a black smiths duaghter who huants him in a lovers way. Tall and regually dressed he is a World Walker and dreams of the cosmos. (He comes from the King of Swords card and maybe a bit of my husband in their too.)

Arith/Jarna – is a blind sooth sayer, young and in her teens she is in love with Alaric who tends spurn any woman not his wife. But unknown to both of them Arith is a reincarnation and haunts him in her sleep where her soul remembers who it is. She has been kept a prisoner by an Enchantress who had her eyes scratched out in the hope it would prevent the second sight that arrived with pubity. (She comes from the Nine of Swords but also from the Six of Swords, Two of Swords and Eighth of Swords.)

The Enchantress – bueatiful and harsh, dark straight hair and a love of gold, milky complexetion and green eyes, a ruthless older woman who is none the less in her prime. She rules a continent and is searching for immortality. She has her sons love interests executed and holds the Sun Emblem which is an amplyfier to her nature abilities. (She comes from the Chariot card)

Mira – a Wizard Wraith, she is honey red haired and made from fire, she is in bondage to an ancient Wizard. She is a human created entity and longs to be human. In love with the masculine form she hates the visual construct she forms when summoned and hates it even more that it is how she appears even if she manages to appear when and where she wants rather than being summond. (Comes from the Queen of Wands card).

Uriklay – an ancient magician or wizard with long straggly grey hair, he is practiced in Balance Magiks and loves to draw out elemental Wizard Wraiths, these invariably take the female form and though he is looking for a soul mate of his own, he invariably creates creatures which loath him for his idealisation of them. (From the Magician card).

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