More Characters

Umis – he is a blacksmith and Jarna’s brother, making him Alaric’s brother-in-law. He works the skyrock metals and metals from other realms which have strange properties. He is an inventor and experimenter. He is a an Elemental dowser though this is something he keeps hidden. If a Wizard had neared his village whilst he was a child he would have been snapped up as an apprentice. (From the Three of Pentacles.)

Asteria – a blue skined, darked haired water elemental, she is one of Ureklays Wraiths. She wants to be a dolphin but to stop her running away the old Wizard has bound her to running fresh water, where there is little room even if she knew of river dolphins. She wheres the Star Emblem and so is powerfull for an elemental. (From the Star card).

Ambera – a Princess, ambitious and clever, she hopes to catch Alaric but is frustrated in her efforts. She can talk to animals and though smaller mammals hide from her birds of prey and insects seek her out. She loves finery and hates mess, her hair is always serverlly held in place. (From the Nine of Pentacles.)

Ettan – one of the Wizards elements – this time air. It’s form came out as both male and female. Unlike the others it is happy with it’s form though the Wizard less so. Ettan was the first to be made as a companion something the Wizard has not allowed it to full fill though Ettan’s tries desperatly. (From the High Priestess Card).

Lester – a young noble, spoiled and naturally timid, in an effort to make him grow a backbone his perants have given him a spiteful vengfullness. He is fond of glitzy things and can be easily fooled by the appearance of a thing. Although he does like peasant girls, this is probably because it is balanced by his like of other young noble men both of which could get him outcast from his kingdom. (From the Page of Swords).

Markelli – a priest of the Abstancians, he believes that all magik and things of illusions should be hounded out of existance. This religous movement has quiet alot of sway in various parts of the world. He himself is the Arch Bishop but is more akin to a Pope, he leads purges and burnings on a regular basis. (From the Hierophant card).

Telemath – son of the ancient wizard and his fire wraith, telemath is both human and elemental – he has also been cursed by the Enchantress who has bound a helmet to his head covering his eyes. The helmet is large and made of gold – it’s wait cuases telemath to be in continuous pain. When he flares up angry he erupts in fire, he barnded with with the star emblem where he accidently evaporated the water wraith on finding out that his father had made her as his mate. (From The Devil card).

More characters will no doubt be needed but now there is some more world building needed and then some writing!

Next week I shall give you a list of objects of power.

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